The N4 Thread

Hi everyone, how the test went for you guys?

Think i passed, Vocab part was easy, There were some difficult parts on the grammar section and listening went okay i guess, but i almost slept on the final questions, on the question before the last one i had to guess the answer because i kind of slept on that question hahah, but hopefully i passed.

If i did, my next step would be try N3 in July 2025, since i think 6 months are not going to be enough of a gap between N4 and N3


Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and say that 日本語の森 Nihongo no Mori recently released N5 and N4 courses after years of being solely N3+ :star_struck: Seems like they use the two Minna no Nihongo textbooks as the course basis, so if you have those books or have been looking for a textbook to use then this might be a great place to begin.