The Japanese The Japanese Don't Know: 日本人の知らない日本語(にほんじんのしらないにほんご)

I just had to share this - I’ve just stumbled over this live action drama TV series (on YouTube); it’s really quite humorous and you can learn quite a lot because it follows the story of a Japanese teacher teaching … gaijin. So if you ever wanted to take Japanese classes but couldn’t afford to go to Japan, this series is made for you!


And like all Japanese TV they took a good Manga and turned it into generic garbage full of over-acting and every trope they could think of.

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Quite possibly, but it doesn’t have to be an excellent or even decent production to be beneficial for listening practice.

Sure? But I don’t see too many recommendations from people that go, “Hey, this sucks, but you know, listening to things is good.”

Mm, since I don’t know the manga and I generally like the cheese japanese tv shows (家政婦のミタ was the last show I watched, and I thought that there was a lot more overacting than this), I would give this show my blessings. I do find it quite useful for listening practice and even learning vocabulary and/or phrases. But that’s just me watching the first few episodes.

Oh, I watched several episodes a while ago! It wasn’t a masterpiece, sure, but it’s worth a try. I can’t remember how helpful it was, though, because it was quite some time ago. Maybe I’ll give it another look.

I watched it a while ago too, but didn’t finish. It was cool enough to continue watching. As a Portuguese, I loved those parts of the series where they mentioned the Portuguese influence in the Japanese language ^^

Will def. check it out.
Any educative resource is a treasure.

Well then I’d suggest the Manga, obviously it won’t help listening, but it is far more informative and interesting. Also every scene doesn’t end up with the class acting like the cuckoo part here

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