The future of WaniKani

It’s broken on my computer for some reason, but have you tried Houhou instead? It gives you that WK feel on your desktop.

I have! It’s quite nice. Just unfortunate it doesn’t have a website like Anki so I can use on my phone etc.

I just need to be more consistent with my Non-WK SRS studies. I always procrastinate a day or two or three on Anki/HouHou reviews. Maybe just once a day I should pop open HouHou and do the reviews.

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It’s worth noting that Wanikani is not a business its a product.

The business is Tofugu, and they are doing many things, the biggest of which is EtoEto their Japanese Language “book”

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I agree.

Yet conceptually substituting “business” for “product” or “WK” for “Tofugu” in my comment does not detract from my point.

Well that article is almost a year old, but yeah if you want another reason why its taking so long, its relevant. The prototype they have is about this new redesign.

I’m actually curious to see it, hoping they give us a taste soon.

WK is also updating the API to hopefully improve the process of writing userscripts among other things. It’s a fairly significant update, so they definitely have not abandoned us yet.


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