The final 女の子 / 女子 / 少女 / and all words for "girls" thread

both used in the context of addressing a girl of appropriate age whose name you don’t know.

But maybe these are different than the kinds of words you are trying to collect.

edit: politely* addressing

I see how they could be ones people would have questions about in this sense.

So, about ギャル - is the connotation merely that of ‘no interest in scholarly stuff, prefers drinking and partying’ or more like ‘is open to a romp in the sheets if you are’?

The stereotype is they are not smart. The one I was suggesting there anyway. But that’s not the limit of the stereotypes.

Thanks for clearing that up :blush: Adding that to the anki card. You rock!

I noticed there is no 女の人 on this list? I just learned that on top of the many other woman and girl things and it is driving me bonkers. I have also seen 女人 on a restroom I went into. Any thoughts?

This list was conceived as “things that can be translated as girl” and I wouldn’t really put 女の人 in that category.

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