Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1, chapter 1

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But just in case, it’s this one..

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Well, I was reading along with the Ayumu book club (by the same author as Takagi-san) right after finishing the first volume of Takagi-san. By the time the first volume of Ayumu and the second volume of Takagi-san were done, I was feeling confident enough to try and read with the BBC, and joined The Way of the Househusband. I finished the first volume, but decided to do other volumes later because, while very fun, most of my questions ended up being about the use of Kansai dialect, and it felt like a distraction from learning standard Japanese for the time being.

I would say if you have the time once you finish the first volume of this, you would be safe picking up something like Nagatoro or Dress-Up Darling, but they would be harder given those aren’t in a book club, so you wouldn’t have a group to ask questions of that are reading/have read the manga (I have considered nominating either or both for the ABBC at some point, but haven’t sat down to read them myself yet to determine how well they fit there). You could also join the Ayumu club for something that is slightly harder than Takagi-san (to start, before you get used to character speech patterns and some different vocabulary, since it is a series that has a lot to do with Shogi), but that has an ongoing club with many of the same members as Takagi-san, so you’d have a lot of help that way, if you needed it.