Task based practice resources


are there any resources for task based writing and speaking practices?
E.g. something that sets a scenario and gives some hints on which grammar points should be used (without actually naming them).
Its ok if there aren’t any answers, since it’s always possible to ask a teacher to correct them.

Both online and books would be fine.


I review the section at the end of each Genki chapter called
まとめの れんしゅう

It sounds like exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking to practice elementary grammar. Those might be on Seth Clydesdale’s site (I don’t use it myself as I like paper when possible, but maybe someone who does can point you to them). I find they are pretty good at forcing me to answer questions using different grammar concepts, and it’s neat to go back long after covering the material and seeing how much easier it is to express yourself.

Intermediate textbooks probably also have an equivalent if you’re further along.