Tackle the reading

Haven’t tried that book out, just talking generally.

One thing you can try out is the Absolute Beginner Book Club, if you haven’t seen that yet, it’s specifically made for those, that are in their very early steps of their reading journey (for example, they haven’t yet touched a Japanese language book before). Sadly the next one only starts up at the end of August, but nothing stops you from joining the current one a bit late, or even start reading one of the books the club already finished (the threads are mostly open, and there are certainly people there, who still have them on watching to answer your potential questions). If you go this route, my personal recommendation is either joining the currently running club, or reading Happiness, both are very simple, easily approachable for beginners.

As for physical books, besides those that are especially meant for western language learners, there are several sites where you can order books from. A big one a lot of people use is CD Japan they ship all over, and their shipping prices aren’t ridiculous. Another option is of course Amazon Japan, but that could be a bit more problematic to order from. In both cases I recommend buying multiple books you are interested in in bulk to save on some shipping.