Synonyms: Period, Period of Time

this is just an example of Kanji I have to do over and over again because the correct answer has to be period for some and period for time for others - Wani should accept period or period of time for all the kanji and vocab that mean this!
For example, the correct answer for 間 is “period of time” but the correct answer for "期間”is only period - so if you time “period of time” you get it wrong, even though 期間 does mean period of time. Whereas for 間 if you type period you get it wrong because it will only accept period of time! I can’t remember which is which but it obviously doesnt matter because all these kanji and vocabulary mean the same thing. Is there anyway this can be fixed so I don’t have to get caught up on these pieces

You’re level 17, so I’m guessing you know about synonyms, but maybe not? When you get something wrong that is an acceptable meaning, add it as a synonym in the info area below.

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I did not know this, thank you!!

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This can also be done directly on each item’s page.

I can’t believe i never noticed this - changes everything thank you


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