Synonym Suggestion: 身


Can you elaborate?

“Shrek” should be a synonym, obviously.

Or it’s an All Star by Smash Mouth reference?


I was about to say, I started singing All Star in my head lmao.


Honestly I think Shrek would work well as a radical (it’s at least a lot more memorable than ‘somebody’), though they might run into potential copyright issues. I think that has happened before with some other radical, then again, they do have the ‘death star’ radical… who knows?


I mean, mostly a joke here… just got to that kanji again and got that song stuck in my head along with extensive mental images of Shrek and thought I would inflict it upon more people by posting here rather than suffering alone. Thought it was a pretty mainstream meme, but maybe it’s more common in certain pockets of people. In any case, we do have Nic Cage (clearly the best one) and The Answer as synonyms, so… :woman_shrugging:

For the as-yet-uninitiated, I’m sorry: All Stars - Shrek - YouTube


Maybe Campfire category would have made that clearer.

I was imagining that you possibly just didn’t type the word you wanted to suggest and merely used the gif to express your exasperation at it not being included.

And maybe the fact that I knew the song before the movie means my association between them is weaker, I guess. (back in the days of watching music video countdown shows after school…)

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I think I knew the song a little before the movie, but wasn’t that into music and I think I was exactly the target demographic for the movie :slight_smile: Which… maybe that meme is also targeted directly at me.

someBODY once told 身


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