Suggestions on advanced Grammer text

I’m pretty far along my studies I read daily light novels and adult novels in Japanese. But I still find myself in those books getting lost in some of the longer sentences when it comes to grammar and exactly what is trying to say.

Any suggestions on an intermediate to advanced grammar textbook or way to brush up on that type of grammar?


I don’t have a great answer, but I’m sure others do. :slight_smile:

(I think I might be in a similar position)

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The Dictionary of Japanese Grammar is pretty good.

It’s more of a reference book than a textbook but that’s probably better if you’re already reading and just need to look things up.


try bunpro for a month and check there the grammar points you are searching.

it is helping me a lot to understand longer sentences.

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The Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners is also pretty great for lookups while you’re reading, or random browsing.

But I’m in a similar position as you (I’m reading a lot and understanding most of it but I’m sure I’m missing nuances because of grammar points I don’t even identify as such) and I’ve been looking for a grammar book that I can read more or less cover to cover, like a novel. I mostly want to familiarize myself with grammar points that had escaped me and remind myself of others, not start from 0 or have to go through step by step exercises. I’ve been wondering whether Japanese: A comprehensive Grammar might be good for that.


Some great ideas here, going to read up on each and let you know what I decide. Thanks all

I looked through everything, Really any of them could work. I ended up picking up this one:

日本語文型辞典 英語版 ―A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners Paperback

It was a good price, had good reviews and seemed to be what I think I want. Bunpo was tempting as well but I was hoping for a book so trying this first. If I still am not happy in a few months I may go Bunpo next.

Thanks all!


In the middle of my trip and actually settled on using bunpro. Doing the free trial and working forward from n5 making my own cats on the points I missed our feel weak on. This is working really well so far and I’m getting stuff I didn’t really understand before. I’m working on n3 stuff now. I will probably be somewhere through n2 by the end of the trip but want to try to finish up all of the points even if it spills over to my normal studying routine when I get home.

Thanks again all