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I know quite some kanji (actually around 300-400)and sufficient (not efficient) grammar. A bit of reading exposure would do good. Any suggestions on books or short stories (which could be read daily)? This can encourage me to look up new words; best part being the moment of satisfaction when something comes up while reading which we already know and have learnt…it’s a great feeling.
Anyone know some good Japanese (with hopefully English translations) books or short stories? (Furigana also helps)I have tried Bilingual app but it only has yotsuba as major manga. Any suggestions?


Check out this thread:

Also, you could join the Absolute Beginners Book Club. They’re reading Rental Onii-Chan starting August 8; you could read along and ask questions about it.


You can also look at the links below. You might prefer a parallel reader where the language is aimed at learners rather than native speakers. Although they can be quite expensive.

The book clubs generally are reading native Japanese material. It’s not specifically aimed at learners so some times an unusual word or grammar point can crop up. There’s a lot of satisfaction though in knowing it’s not a “learners book”.

From a motivation point of view a lot of people find it helpful to be part of a live book club, where you are trying to keep alongside a fixed reading pace for each week, and can ask questions about the book to other readers.


I recommend

It’s free and it’s great practice!
I also really like

Also, there are a lot of great book clubs here


I’d recommend trying to reading something you’re interested in.

If you like fiction, pick up some manga. Most of the shounen ones have furigana. You can always preview digital editions to see if you can read them on sites like Bookwalker (make sure to pick the Japanese site).


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