[Suggestion] An alternate method to punish wrong answers

I’m not talking about keeping it at the same level regardless, I suggest that if you need to look at the item to know the correct answer, then you get bumped a level back. But if you know where you went wrong without having to look at the correct answer, then you get a less of a punishment while still getting the answer wrong. I know there are scripts that allow you to undo answers, but for people who feel like those are cheating, like myself, this is an alternative.

Yes, but this is a problem for certain items. If you type にんこう for 人口 and get it wrong, you don’t have to look at the reading to know it’s じんこう, there are really only two options. There are a lot of mistakes beside simply not knowing the entire reading at all, most of the time you can narrow it down to one of two options, and if it’s not one you can just fill in the other without looking.


I like the idea, but I think the effect is mostly psychological.
The drop in SRS level after an error is to make sure the item comes back more frequently to help cement it. You’re referring to a situation where you wouldn’t need the extra reinforcement because you already knew what it was.
The largest time save you could get from this would be for a burn review that now upon error comes back thrice in 5.5 months, and with this change would come back only once after 4 months. For lower stages the difference is substantially smaller. So the practical effect would be minimal (imho).


Actually, if an item is Guru or above, you get dropped 2 stages.


Oh god, no.

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Yeah, this post was mainly born from me getting something very simple wrong, and getting upset at the lost SRS levels. Maybe I should just get those second chance scripts.


This issue is basically just point #4 from this post.

You can be reasonably lenient with yourself in WK reviews and still hold yourself accountable for EN>JP reviews in an external tool. KameSame let’s you automatically import your WK items as you learn them. I’d be considered a borderline script abuser with my WK review process but I require myself to write out answers by hand in KameSame and verbally give the correct reading before submitting. If I mess anything up I manually fail myself. This system seems to be working great for me.

what helps me is to not think of it as a punishment. the SRS is infinitely patient with you. it just sees that you might need to review this item a few more times ^^


This is the beauty of SRS. I always feel this way when getting grammar wrong. But for some reason, anytime I get something I know wrong in WK, it just cuts deep into my soul.

Yeah I believe they also let you have the item come up again later in the review with no penalty. This may be what you’re looking for.

It really is all psychological, isn’t it? It’s not punishment for getting it wrong. It’s saying “Ok, you’re not quite clear on that one, yet. Let’s go over it one more time”. It’s immensely frustrating when you’re thinking “But I really did know it!” I think that’s why most SRS programs have more than a pass/fail system, to give you the chance to save face. WK doesn’t give you that.

But the way I look at it, if I mess it up, it’s not really a big cost. And I’d rather pay that cost here than when I’m doing something else, like reading a book or watching a movie, so I’m ok with it.

Ok… no I’m not, but I tell myself I am so I don’t destroy my monitor. Again. :wink:

As for the original suggestion, beyond what other people have said, I don’t like it because there’s so many other ways to get the information beyond looking at the info on WK. I mean, I can open another browser tab to Jisho, or on my phone, and be done with it. It opens up new avenues for people to be dishonest with themselves.

Beyond that, it adds complexity to an already complex process. It’s already hard for a lot of people to understand the SRS system as is. WK keeps it a simple pass/fail for a reason. A lot of people use plugins with Anki to eliminate the different tiers of ‘pass’ that come by default to keep it simple. Having both a ‘wrong’ and a ‘wrong, but…’ option would lead to a lot of confusion.


I agree with a lot of your points. If people want to cheat, they’re going to cheat regardless. Thanks for your input.

I mean it’s not punishment, was never intended as punishment and shouldn’t be thought of as such anyway…it’s just rescheduling with a shorter interval to give you a chance to remember on your next review :no_mouth:

I guess some people viewing it as a punishment is unavoidable when you gamify things though…


There is a script that lets you do exactly that: Wanikani Later Crabigator. ^>^


I think there is a conflict between what OP wants to achieve and the proposition of @Leebo augmented with @ekg remark. Letting an item reset doesn’t mark it wrong. It just leaves the review unresolved. There will be no SRS delay due to the item being marked wrong. The item will be asked again in the next review session.


I think just getting the undo script would be what I’m looking for, as what I originally wanted seem so have some unintended consequences. Thanks for your input!

Doesn’t the fact that you did indeed get it wrong imply that you did not in fact know it (or know it as well as you think you do)? Or are you talking about making a typo?

Typos or simple mistakes. My fingers often do things my brain doesn’t tell them, so I know the answer, but I get it wrong, I go “what the heck?” and see that I typed something wrong. It’s especially frustrating when I type the wrong characters on verbs where like instead of "落ちる” I type "落ちろ”

I’ve even so much as literally said the right answer as I’m typing it, but I’ve typed the wrong thing.

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I can relate. The る/ろ typo I do sometimes. Although for that one I do often have trouble with remembering which it is as well. The biggest “I always type it wrong” - i.e. I am thinking and saying the correct thing but type the wrong thing is ざい when I wanted/intended さい.

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