Sudden trouble seeing the curveballs

When I first joined WaniKani in September 2016, the term “gamification” was used frequently to explain why WaniKani worked. Gamification can be good and can be bad.

For me gamification was the challenge to level up. With this game, there are also statistics. In the API and Third Party Apps board, there are tools for viewing statistics about WaniKani progress. The WaniKani dashboard itself keeps a list of how many items are in each queue. There is even a thread somewhere inviting people to post images of that queue.

The practice of wanting to level up quickly is a motivator. However, if I make the mistake of comparing my performance against someone else’s it can be quickly demotivating.

I like looking at my own stats so that I can assess my own performance. I compare today with seven days ago. I compete with myself.

@GregoryKirk: use the this userscript to help you identify whether kunyomi or onyomi is required. After a while, you won’t even need that prompt.

Use the aforementioned Leech Detector script to work out which items are really giving you frustration.

Use the wanikani to Anki Exporter’s critical items option to drill your least accurate items in Anki.

Here is a shorter list of leech items.

If 人(にん and じん) are giving you problems, go to this thread.