The Problems (Plz help)

Hey! I have been having problems when coming back to wanikani (was level 17), and hopefully someone can help me. Since, I realised that my previous wanikani and japanese knowledge is actually hindering my ability to learn. I will go through my main 2 problems now.

Problemo 1 (Sorry I had to):
I have too many srs’ now. I have one for wanikani, Kaniwani, grammar and (for books and past japanese knowledge) and it is overwhelming me with the reviews (for example currently I have 84 wk, 40 kw, 41 grammar and 72

Problem 2:
I already know all the stuff for the first lessons but I don’t want to use a userscript to skip anything just in case i don’t know something in those levels since i have encountered a couple things that i forgot already. But, the bulk of my reviews are boring and takes a ton of time since I already know the radical/kanji/vocabulary.

If anyone has any advice or anything feel free to mention any advice!


Then choose 1 or at most 2. What is the problem outside of the one you already recognized and accept: you can’t do all SRS all at once, it’s just not humanly possible.

It really isn’t the case that all these Japanese learning apps have developed with each other as some distant partner - they’re commercially competitors.

Yes, maybe, but will you know all the stuff of lessons on lv 60? that’s where you’re aiming after all. :eyes: You already know that answer from the looks of it and you just feel a slight frustration of having to recover previous ground.

Don’t be. Focus on how the SRS timings work on this app and use this time of calm to focus on how to make this system work for your IRL need and uses. learn the system itself - and check the Wanikani Knowledge Base!!!

Everyone has their own individual learning journey - I have never heard of someone that has learnt something too many times, but rather, it’s easy to overlook the simple stuff to be sure.


Also, thanks for the advice about trying to not being frustrated. I am just wondering if i should keep my JPDB, Grammar SRS, or Kaniwani?

I’m not the right person to ask. I pretty immediately dropped KameSame compared to doing just WaniKani.

It’s just that my arrival at using Wanikani might just be hugely different from your needs, and so. I just can’t say, for example: if the best option is keeping WK and sticking to learning kanji (and some other useful stuff), is the best option right now, OR if you would benefit better if you made something else your main SRS, like BunPro? I couldn’t possibly make that decision really, but it IS worth thinking about and considering which is most useful right now, for your learning phase of Japanese right now! :slight_smile:

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Ok! I’ll consider my future with current Grammar and jpdb. I have axed Kaniwani. I’ll have a good think. Since, I could, theoretically, use the SRS’ like: WaniKani (Kanji), jpdb (vocab), MaruMori (Grammar). This is what i’m thinking of doing currently but I’lll have a think. What are your thoughts on this?

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I just haven’t used all of these together, so trust your guts rather than my random opinion. All I can say it that my spontaneous thought is that it sounds overly ambitious. Just do WK and MaruMori is my bet. Skip the vocab for now as you’ll learn a ton through WK - some very useful and some less so. then you’ll see your deficiencies and maybe areas/genres that you wanna explore more explicitly for your vocab needs.

I think vocab is also best learnt in the wild, or in conjunction with learning things in the wild - so at that point the question is rather: how much time to spend on SRS at all VS doing immersion learning by gaming/reading/listening/watching Japanese media and so on…:slight_smile:


Oh, immersion isn’t a problem. I play a ton of final fantasy xiv (it is almost an addiction xD). But, I’m just gonna wait until the MM grammar srs is out


Next up is pure listening immersion! >:D

I hope we can create more pure listening comprehension thread here on WK for sure. For general advice and some ongoing stuff, check out:

I just started a rewatch of Get Backers if you’re into that sort of retro shounen action anime, but otherwise, just start your own and people will likely get on board if there is something up and going on. For any advise, just ask and I’m sure and others will help sort out the logistics for that sort of thing. ^>^ in any case, you seem like someone that wants something from their learning experience and I hope you will get it from being here on WK. Good luck! :+1:

Isn’t there a listen every day challenge already?