Subscription page will not allow me to select a payment option

once i select an option, the "Does everything look good?"contains nothing but

none selected
and 0.00 USD on the receipt

ive tried disabling my tampermonkey and using my mobile but neither has worked

The subscription page works fine for me :thinking:

Are you sure it’s recognizing your selection? It should say “Selected” in black at the bottom of the option that you click, and then everything else should fill in at the bottom payment-wise


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the three blocks are selectable

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but the receipt shows otherwise

im unsure if it is some other cause such as my api

Hmm… do you already have your payment information filled in? Maybe it doesn’t generate the last part until the card info is complete or something?

If everything is filled in and it’s still not letting you subscribe, I recommend emailing them at to make them aware of your issue, things can get missed on the forums sometimes, and they’re usually quicker to respond that way as well =)


yep, it was my payment information ;0 . i assumed payment came after selection…
thank you for the fix and the quick replies

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Of course, I’m glad it worked ^^

Welcome back to serving our Almighty Crabigator :crabigator::sparkles:


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