Struggling to do more than WaniKani

And to make it easier to take the first step, here are some useful links:

I think it’s best to join in with the next ABBC book/manga, and follow along in real time. However, if you see something interesting that’s been previously read, utilizing the existing threads works as well. The ABBC often gets easier material, but BBC material is fine as long as you don’t mind it taking longer to get through.

This is worth repeating, as it helps set expectations. No matter how much grammar you know already and how many words you know already, chances of your first attempt at reading is going to be very difficult.

The brain is a pattern recognition machine, and you’re starting with very few patterns. It takes time to build up those patterns of seeing words and particles and such organized in certain ways. But with your WaniKani level being where it is, you’ll have a really big head-start on the vocabulary portion.

Still, even knowing many of the words, it’s perfectly normal to pick up a manga, one’s first attempt at reading native material, and spend an hour looking up every grammar on the first page alone. (This is where the book clubs help, as often the grammar’s already been discussed. And you can still ask questions in threads for completed book clubs.)