Strange coincidences found while learning Japanese


I hope that it was clear that I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek about the Monday thing.

Back to the original topic again! This is not a vocab coincidence, but a grammatical one:

I’m working today.
I’m at home on Friday.

It doesn’t make sense to say “on today” or “今日に” in either language, nor would you leave out on/に in “on Friday”/“金曜日に”. It feels unusual when the preposition/particle usage for named times happens to line up between languages.


Whatever, I just love this coincidence.


Most of the Middle East now has Friday-Saturday weekends (like Qatar, which is where I am now). Wikipedia’s not aware of any countries that still do Thursday-Friday.

Fun fact: Brunei’s weekend is Friday and Sunday (and back to work on Saturday in between) which I think is the daftest thing.


Wikipedia says Iran’s workweek ends halfway through Thursday, I guess that’s sort of a compromise between Thursday-Friday and Friday-Saturday weekends?

Wow, Brunei sounds bonkers. For more fun, (and other such lists).


you only use に to point to Friday if the day is the target of something.

let me add a beginner example, too.