Starting wanikani as an advanced speaker -- should I continue?

Thanks for the reply! (trunklayer as well – good to know you get used to mixed meanings/readings!)

right, I’ve read the forum a bit before posting and noticed the plethora of extensions, including filters to only get radicals/kanjis. I guess I should try some of that on next level before deciding… Ideally I’d want to go through vocabulary once and handpick from it (for e.g. readings I’m less familiar with), but that didn’t look possible. I definitely will need vocabulary for kanjis I don’t know as well in the later levels so just skipping it all isn’t realistic.
If I can get something like handpicking to work I can probably live with the slow pace, I just don’t want to spend an hour per day working finger muscles.
(also saw double check for typos I’ll definitely want to test, didn’t work somehow)

I didn’t recognize the manual quiz you describe though, [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz perhaps ?

MissDagger – saw your reply as I was done typing this, and I really agree with the post you linked. Even a gentle estimate of half a year to get to useful kanjis is going to feel long… Even if I do understand that it’s still worth it for the rest, this is just so frustrating :frowning:

Anyway, thanks to you three. I’ll play with extensions a bit more tomorrow. More opinions still welcome though :slight_smile: