Started (slowly) reading the No 6. novel series

I’ve seen No 6. described as light novel, so maybe it too qualifies? My ability to understand it certainly indicates a younger target audience :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that light novels are typically illustrated though?

All the light novels I own are indeed illustrated. Not sure if it’s a requirement though.

It’s not a requirement, I own one that isn’t. And yeah, No 6 is a light novel, I actually just assumed it was a “regular” novel at first based on…nothing in particular. But when I looked it up it sure seems like one! :smiley:

Is there a good way to find light novels, seeing as (judging from a sample size of one) they seem to be a comfortable place for me challenge-wise?

My super scientific way is browsing either stores like eBookJapan (such as the link I pasted earlier) and just checking out any books whose covers I find interesting, OR going to a store like this (JapanBooks-TORON | eBay Stores) and doing the exact same thing.

A slightly more efficient way is probably to somewhere like Top Manga - Top Novels -, (that’s only novels, and I’d say mostly light novels) and just check out the ones you think sound appealing, going from best ranking and down. That’s how I found Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria (The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria) | Light Novel - , which I definitely want to read at some point (I can dream, right?). I know it says manga in the URL, but it’s a novel.

Finally, it’s a good idea to check if anime you enjoyed either are based on a novel (such as Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? | Light Novel -, are loosely based on a novel (時をかける少女 - the light novel and the anime are completely different), or, well if there’s a novelisation (君の名は has a light novel version; I think all of Shinkai’s films do).

Wall of text…終わり!

Just in my own experience I’ve come across significantly more light novels that are more difficult than “regular” novels. I think the thing with regular, contemporary Japanese novels is the style to me tends to run minimalist. A lot of it is ridiculously easy (and…ha dry) to read. I’d recommend any Murakami or Yoshimoto work over something like Baccano or Log Horizon or most fantasy/sci-fi light novel series for example.

But overall it of course comes down to genre. Light novels run the gambit of a crap ton of genres including a lot of fantasy/sci-fi but I’ve found the breadth of big fantasy/sci-fi “regular” novels to be much less.

haha ok I know I’m writing quite a bit but this is something I think about a lot because I frankly find it hard to discover good sci-fi/fantasy books in Japanese. I love light novels so I don’t mind but seriously, translated works are king in that domain ; ~ ;

So No.6 and キノの旅 are sci-fi books I like to recommend because they’re such gentle (from a learner’s perspective) but interesting novels. Finding others depends on your interests. The way the west can categorize light novels versus how Japan does can be a wee different. When you look it up you’re gonna find a lot of the generic male-high-school-aged-protagonist-one-million-girls stuff because that is the image of what a light novel is. Slice of life ones are very easy to read because normal Japanese if you want a starting point :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to browse the genres of Amazon JP and more book focused sites like Honto (Honto’s Light Novel section: here) for new stuff. The storefronts, recommended books, and top rankings always change! And I love using Booklog for logging, organization and finding new things. I took time to just search around things like 「おすすめのライトノベル」+ genres too. Naver results will probably pop up a lot because lists everywhere haha It is easier for me personally because I’m into a specific genre (BL) that already has a huge database/rating/discussion site for its literature because it has a lot of genres within itself but I haven’t found anything else like it for others (for those who also like BL, it’s called ちるちる)

But again searching “ライトノベル” most likely won’t yield you things like No.6 because they don’t get categorized under that or won’t normally pop up under it even when they seem like it. A lot of these books you’ll find easier under just plain old “小説”.

If you want to look through English things, honestly I still love baka-updates. I’ve found that it still logs a lot of things even if they aren’t translated and being able to filter search by multiple tags/genres in its advanced search is pretty dope. Its tag dictionary is massive and has everything. I’ve also found its forums to have nice threads about what novels people like in Japanese too.

2nd Wall of text, おわり ;D

(just drop a bunch I like that aren’t those slice of life/harem hell ones, I love: Baccano, Cop Craft, エスケヱプ・スピヰド, 六花の勇者 and moreeeeee )

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My method isn’t 100% scientific, but when I went to Japan this spring I went to a bookstore and just bought whatever seemed interesting to me, mostly the original works for anime I had already watched and enjoyed (yes I’m the trash that’s killing the anime industry).

BTW, for those of us who are at much lower levels, I still recommend some of the light novel series aimed at primary school kids.

Since I’m into sci-fi/fantasy, a bunch of the ones I originally bought are too hard for me to read comfortably :sweat_smile:, but yeah, the slice of life ones are great.

I mean, it’s hardly the most riveting reading material, but the 「パティシエ☆すばる」series is extremely readable, even for me. As you’d expect it’s about kids being kids, but also, sweets and baking?! It’s all very cute and enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.

I don’t mind those walls of text, if anything it makes me feel better about my own tendency write them :slight_smile:

If I ever either make it through the entirety of No 6 or decide it’s time for something else I’ll have a look at the recommendations! A friend of mine also can’t recommend Baccano enough, incidentally.

I’m not really a big reader in any language, but when I do it I tend to really enjoy getting drawn into a book. Since I think it’s probably the single best thing I can do to improve my (written) language comprehension I hope to be able to stick with it!

I actually found my reading interest rekindled after I started studying Japanese. So, that’s a good thing I suppose :slight_smile:

Hey @crihak, do you have Skype or something? :slight_smile:

Not Skype specifically… I mainly use Google talk and Facebook for my chatting needs :slight_smile:

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All right, just thought it’d be fun to chat a bit :slight_smile: If you want, you can always add me on facebook (same username). Or not, your choice :slight_smile:

Also, I like how Discourse is complaining that I’ve replied to you too many times and that I should consider “sending a private message instead”. @viet or someone might want to fix that since WK doesn’t allow PMs :slight_smile:

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