SRS app similar to WaniKani?

WaniKani is amazing, but limited to only WK’s kanji/vocab. So I was wondering if anyone knew of an SRS app which is similar to WaniKani, specifically in the ways below:

  • Levels of some kind - probably the most important thing for me, and what puts me off Anki (even with the gamification addons). Ideally levels for individual items as well as the overall user level (like WK has)
  • Similar scheduling to WK
  • User can input custom “decks” like in Anki - ideally not limited to Japanese only since I’m also learning other languages
  • Usable on Android somehow? But that’s not essential, more of a nice-to-have
  • Another nice-to-have - it looks nice :joy:
  • And one more nice-to-have - the ability to see what you’ve learnt, as you can in WK

Obviously that’s a very specific ask, so I don’t know if there’s anything - but if you know any apps which might work, let me know!

I think kitsun is pretty close to what you are looking for.

There’s an official thread for it on the forum; I’m on my phone so it’s a bit of a pain to link it though. I’m sure someone else will do that for me anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I got u


Thirded for kitsun, it’s very similar to WK in design and SRS functionality, with a ton of user-created decks. It is paid though, but I think it has a free trial.


Like others have said, Kitsun is pretty much spot on. It’s a paid service (created by a level 60 WK user!) and offers 14 days of free trial.

Kitsun has 50 levels and it’s based on gaining experience points from lessons completed and reviews answered correctly. This system will continue being worked on and more gamification will come to the platform: a dedicated statistics page and some sort of achievement system (learned 1000 cards, did 50k reviews, etc).

It’s mostly focused on Japanese, but right now it’s starting to expand to other languages too (dozens of decks for other languages will be released soon). You can totally just upload any anki deck and use it on Kitsun as well.

The browser experience on both iOS and Android is very similar to using it through desktop, but apps are coming around the 1st quarter of this year.

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Thanks everyone, it looks like a unanimous vote for Kitsun! I’ll take a look at it :smiley:


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