Speak with native Japanese speakers in VRChat

I just downloaded. I live in Japan but it is not as easy to get talking time on my turns. I always have my children with me and get roped into the same conversations I can speak about while sleep about my children and why can they speak Japanese. anywho. I’m excited. I will try it out this weekend. The first thing I will do is add you. so either chocolate sushi roll (if I get to pick my name) or turtle (if it automatically loads under my hubby’s gamer name id since he already had steam. Talk to you soon. =)

Oh wow, being in Japan, I’d imagine you’d still have more opportunities to improve Japanese there than in VRChat :smiley: Look forward to hanging out in VRChat then :+1:

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I don’t know how to add you

Yeah I have some Japanese friends and I see people daily when I pick my kid up for school but still not enough really

こんにちは, @doutatsu ! Sorry to bump this post after almost a year later. Do you still go to VRChat, and if so, do you go there on Sundays?

I haven’t really explored VRChat yet despite having an account there for awhile because most of my Second Life friends aren’t that interested to use it. Since I just re-started learning Japanese from the very beginning, I thought maybe I could use this motivation to try both VRChat again and practice speaking Japanese there.

So it would be awesome if you could be there as a guide because my Japanese and VRChat knowledge are really limited. Wish I could go on Saturdays, but unfortunately I have Japanese lessons in Second Life every Saturday.

Hope to hear if you’re still meeting people in VRChat or not. If you still do, please remind me again what time in JST do you go there? My account name is Haruka Flores. Thank you so much for your time and sorry for any inconveniences. よろしくお願いします。

Added VRChat to the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List in the Speaking section with this thread linked as a Use Guide. Potentially could also be added to the Listening section, but it might be best if both sections were rearranged anyway.


Heya :wave: It’s been awhile since I’ve been on VRChat, it’s been a crazy year after all. But I’d like to get back to it again, just need to clear up the schedule. Can’t say I would be a great guide, as my spoken Japanese is my weakest point :frowning_face: I’ll add you on VRChat though and I’ll see when I could hop on to show you around, Sunday works as well. Timewise, it’s usually 7pm JST

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If Sunday 7pm JST would be a bit difficult for you, I could make myself available on Tuesday - Thursday about the same time if those days are more convenient for you.

I think you will be a great guide for me in VR Chat as I’m a total noob there and my Japanese is quite basic too. I’m only on Level 6 in Kanji afterall :grin: However, I’m really looking forward to hang out with you there while listening to people speaking in Japanese. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to take part in the conversation.

Really appreciate your reply and hope I’m in no way imposing your possibly packed schedule. ありがとうございました。

Since I am a total noob in VR Chat, I wasn’t sure if you need my account name or my display name to add me as a friend. In case my account name Haruka Flores doesn’t work, try Hana Haruka instead. Sorry for the trouble! >.<

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I’ve added you now. I am currently moving apartments, so won’t be able to join anytime soon I am afraid, as I won’t have internet at a new place for awhile :weary: I’ll keep you posted tho

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Oh no, I can imagine the stress of moving to a new apartment! You don’t have to worry about coming in VR Chat anytime soon because my schedule on Sundays are changing too. I might just linger around for a couple of hours about the same time between Thursday - Saturday instead.

I’ll be on the lookout for your post after things have settled down for you :slight_smile: Good luck and hope things will get better after they are back in its (new) place.

@distantflower I’m on VRChat too! Just add me at my username @Tahazameel

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はじめまして、Tahazameelさん。Awesome, I will add you when I log in VRChat tomorrow! :smiley:

I’ll likely to hang around there for a couple of hours starting from 7pm - 9pm JST on Thursdays - Saturdays. Hope those time and days won’t be much of a problem for you. See you there!

I think it’s a good resource to use but you just need to put yourself out there, as in go up and talk to people. It is a bit intimidating when you go into a world and people are just in groups talking. If you can find someone who is by themselves and just even say hello that’s a good start! Let them know you are a beginner and hopefully it goes well!

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That’s a great tip! I was exploring Japan Shrine last week and did remember hearing some people who were already in a conversation, so didn’t want to disturb them. I’ll definitely try to find the solitary folks and try to chat up with them next time. ありがとうございます、Gorganiteさん。

No problems! I have VR chat but haven’t used it much lately. I want to improve my Japanese more. If you don’t know this world JP Tutorial World is a great one to use. The people there are really friendly! Many people are happy to talk :smiley:

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I don’t know much of the worlds in VR Chat just yet (been only scouting for new avatars to keep as favourites and wandering to several worlds on my own), so your suggestion to visit JP Tutorial World is definitely helpful! Happy to know that there are friendly people who loves to chat in that place, so thank you again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe next time if I’m lucky, I’ll get to catch you in JP Tutorial World around 7pm - 9pm JST on Thursdays - Saturdays, if you’re free to use VR Chat again on those times.

Btw, you’re now at level 54 and just a few levels away to sweet 60! I’m sure it’s not a walk in a park but at the same time, your Japanese would be so much better than mine. 一緒に頑張りましょう。

I hand around the Japanese Shrine a lot in VR, maybe I’ve seen you there!

I will try to go on it at some point during those times. Maybe I’ll see you!

It’s been a long journey to get to that level (over 2 years) but it’s rewarding to understand read manga and games and understand a large portion of things!

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Wow, in my perspective, learning a language and being able to understand native content in less than 3 years is truly a quick grasp! I’m looking forward to being able to do more or less the same in a slower and steady pace myself too.