What are the best VRChat worlds for Oculus Quest?

So I recently got the Oculus Quest 2 and I am using VRChat as a way to talk to people. I see that many people use it for practicing their Japanese but I am not sure what worlds are the best.

Does anyone know any good worlds where I can practice speaking? Obviously, Oculus Quest optimised. Japan Shrine just seemed to be full of English speakers which doesn’t help of course.



There is a world called Practice Japanese or something similar. It normally has a lot of people in it and everyone speaks Japanese.


There is a server called Japanese tutorial or something like that, where Japanese people can go to see instructions for the game in Japanese. That sever seems the most consistent for finding people.

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@masher81, @samoset
Thanks! I’ll have a look at those later. I’ll see if I can find the Practice Japanese one you mentioned

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