Some questions from a newbie

Hello everyone and nice to meet you all!
I recently reached lvl4 and subscribed to this awesome platform, I have to say every day I grow to love WaniKani more and more <3 I’m Italian, please excuse me if my english isn’t perfect!

I wanted to ask couple of questions:

  • Is there a way to see the list of elements by “proficiency” (apprentice/guru/master…)? In the dashboard I see I can check how many elements are in each group, but I wonder if an expanded view exists?

  • Further in the levels, will there be some kind of alternative reviews type where the starting point would be the translated word/phrase? For example: given the word “dog” the review would ask how to type it in japanese using kana or kanji.
    I’m asking this because while I feel pretty confident with the reviews right now (ex. when i see the kanji for “inu” i recognize it easily and i remember it means dog) I don’t feel the same when I mentally try to translate a word the other way around (ex. i think “how do i say dog in japanese?” and the sound + kana/kanji for “inu” doesn’t come right away in my mind).
    I guess it’s the core step that makes the difference from be able to read a language, to be able to talk a language. Does WaniKani provides some kind of tool for this? Or am I gonna have to work it my own?

Thank you and happy study to you all!


Hello, and welcome!

I wonder if an expanded view exists

Not within WaniKani itself.
However, both user scripts and external services extend WaniKani’s functionality, including this use case.

The Item Inspector script allows you to find and list items based on various criteria, but it doesn’t fully support the grouping you’re looking for.
The closes match, and a very useful tool in general, would be Under the “Items” tab, you get a list of all items in WaniKani. Adjust the filters to group by “SRS stage” and hide the “Locked” stage.

will there be some kind of alternative reviews type […]?

No. WaniKani only does Kanji->EN and Kanji->Kana.
However, various other services exist to fill that gap.

Common options are:

And you’ll find plenty of other options mentioned here on the forums as well.


Item Inspector supports sorting by SRS Stage which causes the items to be grouped as the @Lysla requested.

It does sort, but I can’t find an option that would allow me to visually group them. So unless the number of items in each group lines up perfectly with the table size, you’ll have some tables with values from multiple groups.

When I think of a “grouped by” view, I think of something like wkstats, where the groups a visually distinct.

If you set the main table element to SRS Stage the main table entry groups items visually as follows.

You can see the items with the same SRS Stage are together and this is kind of a group. May be this is not visually grouping enough for you but maybe it is for @Lysla

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Thank you for your exhaustive answer!

I’m kinda sad that WaniKani doesn’t have this feature itself :frowning: but I will sure try some other option in the future to help me with the “talking” part of the language.
It’s really soon for me anyway, but since I subscribed I wanted to know!

Hi @Lysla !

Lvl4 user here as well :slight_smile:

For your second point–and perhaps the veterans here can confirm or correct–there is the Self-Study Quiz script which allows for this kind of review (e.g. from “dog” in English and audio to Japanese).

I’d love to see what others have to say because I often see tools such as KaniWani recommended over this script or this script not recommended at all for this kind of use case.

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