Some plugins to use for Wanikani

So recently, I have been able to get my own laptop :smile: and as such am now able to download plugins.
What plugins should I download? (other than override)

Edit: I just realised that the title may be slightly misleading, so I changed it

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Hi @Xenon1345,

I assume you meant scripts when you said plugin? Anyway, I took a screenshot of the scripts I have below:

Feel free to pick and choose whichever suits your purpose.
I personally did not select override. The temptation to change something is just too much and I do not want to sabotage my learning. Sure I got some enlightened items all the way down to guru because of a typo but it is what it is and it just gives me more reinforcement of the kanji. Just my 2 cents.

Best of luck on your script/plugin search!


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