Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

oh man, this week has been insane. schedules changing almost every day with anti-virus measures in Japan. sorry I’ve been so MIA with this puzzle.

will hopefully have a noodle on it tomorrow, if we manage to have a quiet day. this seems like exactly the kind of puzzle I’d really enjoy in English, but we’ll see how far I get in a second language. :upside_down_face:

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3-across ノドゴシ

1-down サユウ

5-across マメタン
3-down ノロマ
4-across ロウ

We’re actually more than half finished…

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27-across メイロ - Sadly, that makes ユソウ incorrect for 31-down…
20-down アテ, I guess?
20-across アシドリ
31-down リクロ
29-down イッタリキタリ (honestly, this kind of abstract clue is impossible to solve unless you’ve got a fair idea of all words that it could be.)
22-across ギョタク
32-down クブン
23-across ダイキン

Ok, worked out 28-down thanks to Google. 薩摩守 is a slang term for getting a free ride, or in other words, 無賃乗車 - which is to say, the answer is ムチン. Basically, 薩摩守 is somehow related (my Japanese-fu isn’t strong enough for me to work out the precise relation… some kind of official title, perhaps?) to 平忠度 (たいらのただのり), and ただのり sounds like ただ乗り = free ride

More info:

Anyway, that makes 28-across ムリツ

And now there’s only 25-across (and 24-down) left.

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24-down ミエ(見得)
a kabuki term referring to the poses struck by actors in scenes at key moments

which makes エン the start of 25-across… perhaps meaning as in circle? going round and round type thing? but i am perplexed with the ツ ending. TT_TT

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Ok, this has gone on long enough, so I looked up the last one - it’s エンピツ. I guess from the practice of standing a pencil up on end, letting it drop, and then going in the direction it points? I’ve only ever seen that done with sticks, though.

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Lots o’ kanji clues in this one. Not even sure what to make of some of them. And that’s a lot of characters in the super secret magic word.

To start off with:

4-across カナ
10-down シメナワ
11-across…メガ? Though if we’re talking SI prefixes, that should be 百万倍 :slightly_smiling_face:
13-down ニクジャガ (Had to research that one. Learn something new every day.)
18-down タマゴ, I guess.

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シロミ, more likely. Meringue doesn’t include any yolks, just the whites. (Watching baking shows coming in handy now–never made a meringue in my life! Heh.)

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Still reading this thread but rarely finding the time to sit down and look at some clues.
17-across ツララ
22-across サラウドン

This probably makes 34-down ドライブ

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How are you so well-read on Nagasaki cuisine? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say so. Seems to be a thing in Japan - just going for a drive as a hobby. Nadeshiko’s sister does it in Yuru Camp, even to the extent that she’s perfectly happy spending half a day driving Nadeshiko to the middle of nowhere.

Ah, of course. Which makes 3-across クシャミ. Is… is there a comma omitted from the clue? Is that why it seems to make no sense at the beginning?

I knew meringue is made from egg white. It just didn’t occur to me that that would be the answer.

1-across モツニ
8-down ツツ
Makes 9-across ツクシ, which I’m not sure I quite understand.

I was confused by the 羊歯 too, but 羊歯植物 or シダ植物 is a classification for ferns. The clue is asking for a plant that grows the most in the beginning of spring and is also classified as a シダ植物, and つくし seems to be one of those.

Living close and visiting recently :smiley: Nagasaki 名物 can be either ちゃんぽん, カステラ or 皿うどん, and only one of those is crunchy

1-across モツニ (I just saw you already had that)
6-across イコツ maybe?
33-down オチ if I’m thinking of the right term


Nah, there’s specific terms when it comes to yon-koma - the four panels are ki-shou-ten-ketsu. It comes from classic Chinese poetry, which always amuses me. ケツ is the answer here.

21-across カジカ (cause it’s 鰍, see?)
24-down ジガ
25-across ガスケツ
29-down カスミソウ

The super secret magic word almost certainly starts with クロスワード. But then what? パズル? ブック?


14-across ジロン
15-down シュッパツ (which I should have spotted ages ago)
Which makes the super secret magic word クロスワードパズル
Which means I can jump over to…
27-down ノズル
27-across ノンブル
31-across コイ
31-down コンクール
28-across ルーク
23-across シズク

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I figured you guys might need some help

5-across イワシミズ
6-across イコツ
7-across シンパク
16-across ユミ
19-across コース
26-across クソ
32-across ルロウ
4-down カイカイシキ
12-down コン
19-down コミミ
20-down クラ
22-down サーズ
26-down クラス
36-down クロ
38-down ルイ

Heh. And where have you been hiding? :stuck_out_tongue:

I picked up the book several times intending to get more done, but I actually did any. I’ll have to sort though those answers in the morning, though…

umm… 社会距離?

ソ, if you please. Thought you’d sneak a swear word into my crossword? :stuck_out_tongue:

To wrap it up, then:

35-across ラク
37-down ネットバンク
2-down アク


Some rather interesting-looking clues here.

4-down トリオ
4-across トラ
9-down コアラ

10-across アイコ
13-across サンソ
37-down ゲカ (?)

Hvat is the first character in the clue for 3-across?

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19-down イト
25-down ヤキモチ?
28-down ツナミ
36-down エサ?

19-across イワナ?
24-across シンガリ would be my guess but it clashes with @Heiopei‘s ゲカ
29-across ミキサー but I‘m not sure if you’re supposed to put ミキサア?