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Don’t think there’s a pun here. Basically, the Hyakunin Isshu karuta cards look something like this:

Notice the hats.

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Yeah, I meant the whole 被ってる かぶってる. It was my fault for trusting Google Translate instead of myself, and not even looking in Jisho. :joy:

So, やきにく is this?

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Yeah, 被る is at Enlightened for me on WaniKani, but I’m clearly yet to learn it at all, because it throws me Every. Single. Time.

Ah. I think I was picturing yakitori, where you get served the already-grilled chicken. If it’s Korean barbecue, the clue makes more sense.

It says here that it’s for digestion, saliva secretion, and other health benefits. Who knew.

It was a small fire, omg. :joy:

Can we get a finished product? :smiley:


So, while doing my N4 homework:
Coincidence? I think not.

So did you check it? How’d we do?

Yah, we did good. Full marks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Next puzzle!

Considering how many clues are パパとママ, I’m a bit concerned it’s going to be a bit tricky. Reckon one of the answers is going to be リョウシン. Not 1-across, though.

I feel like 10-across is シャシン. With more confidence, 23-down is ニシン (which, as an added bonus, works with シャシン). And 14-down could be オヤ.


Hm I guess 14 across is related to 地球温暖化, but it doesn’t fit. おんしつこうか? (green house effect)


13 down could be 焦げ(コゲ, burned)


17↓ キカンシ
22→ シンカ
26↓ トンボ
27→ ボンサイ(?)


That makes 18-across カニ. Ho ho.

31-down カンキコウ
16-across テント

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Suddenly thinking 1-down is ファミリーレストラン

That gives us a lot of first letters to base cross words off. :slightly_smiling_face:


3→ リビング
11↓ フィアンセ
1→ フウフ
12→ センス
15↓ グンテ
21↓ スンシ
29↓ イカ

9↓ ツジツマ

Yeah, I had a feeling the middle character of 12-across was going to be ン

5-across スジコ
6-across トツゲキ
Thus 13-down コゲ

Thinking 20-across is ナツ. Then 19-down could be オトナ, maybe?

So, when it’s a ゃ it can also be used as や?

25➝ How about ネイビー?
Not confident, but I found a few articles about business casual saying ノーネクタイ and ネイビー スーツ.

Although the secret word could be けっこんしき.

Probably 25➝ けいかい then, casual (e.g. dress)

Surely, 33↓ ends in なき, but うそなき and そらなき don’t really fit.

Yep. One of the rules of Japanese crosswords - small characters and normal characters are equivalent. And a katakana long-vowel character can represent different vowels at the same time.

You literally just suggested a word which put a か as the second character of 33-down, so surely you’d want to suggest words that fit that pattern. :slightly_smiling_face: If it helps any, I’m fairly sure えーんえーん is the sound of a baby’s cry.

Would like to posit アオイキトイキ for 2-across, but I’m not overjoyed with either that or the resulting ウオ for 8-down.

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