So I don't really care about anime/manga

Seems like this entire community here is pretty into it. Am I wrong?




I’m not especially into anime and manga. There are some that I like, but I haven’t watched an anime series since moving to Japan 3 years ago.


Just realized this could come across as a negative connotation - no weeaboo accusations here!


As a more helpful reply, I’ve seen a lot of people not caring about it around here. Obviously, they are less easy to spot than just seeing thread titles about manga, I guess, so that would definitely explain your perception bias.
(Considering you just came back after 3 years, it could be that you are referring to how the community was before, though)


I like anime and manga, but barely ever watch/read any because, life.
Now when I was younger…


I watch anime and read manga, but I’m not particularly obcessed. Just like normal people watch tv series and read fiction books, I watch anime and read manga :man_shrugging: I’d say that’s the case for a lot of people.


I started before my first Japan trip and only did the free lessons - just recommitted with a monthly membership in prep for a 2nd trip in April.

It definitely had that feel for me back then, and saw a smattering of recent discussion on reading, and it was 90% anime.

Thanks for the replies - I’ll dig in a little deeper here

I wouldn’t say the entire community, just a few, like everything.


I’d add that everyone is here to learn Japanese, and that implies lots of exposure to the language. For those not living in Japan, manga/anime are very acessible choices for example.


Hey now, I like a lot of different kinds of animation. It just happens that Japan makes more than anyone else…



I don’t really care about anime and manga except for a few good and drink titles but I’d much rather be ready about them in a magazine like Casa Brutus or Dancyu.

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For the reading section, a lot of it is dominated by book clubs. Like @jprspereira said manga are on the easier side in terms of reading material, so learners here do focus on that (sometimes because they like it, sometimes out of necessity). We are also reading light novels, which usually got adapted as anime, which might be the cause of your confusion.

Finally, the weekend is the update period for the various book clubs, so you’ll see a lot more activity than average on those threads, pushing up to the top of the recent list.

(Among non-manga, non-light novel we are reading right now, there’s コンビニ人間, by the way, if you ever feel like joining)


Are you okay? :joy:

Ok, I think I got it.

Food and drink titles, and reading about them.

Do they feature food and drink manga in that sort of magazine? :thinking:

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Occasionally. Casa Brutus has Super Housekeeper Cat (カーサの猫むらさん) every month although that’s rarely about food. dancyu has the occasional manga article.

Really though I just pick up the occasional グルメ漫画 if I see one that interests.

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Yes, I like animals and mango


Mangos are delicious :3


Back when I was taking Japanese classes, I was often the only student that was not big into manga or anime. I just really liked the culture (which is not just anime and manga like some incorrect people kept saying) and the sound of the language. After I graduated, I was drawn to anime and manga because they were much easier to understand than the news. I read some every once and a while. I don’t watch too much anime, though.


I’m also not into anime and manga and I tell you: there are dozens of us, dozens!

For the sake of Japanese, I actively tried and managed to find two anime that I enjoy and also have the manga for those two. I’m glad about that because it makes for some nice, comparably easy practice material. I wish I was a little more into it because it would be good for practice and motivation but it is what it is. I try to keep an open mind for new content and every once in a while I find something that I think is enjoyable enough and then I‘m happy about that find.

I wouldn’t even spend time on Netflix and YouTube if it was not for Japanese (I preefer reading) but there is a lot of Japanese content that I find quite watchable so even if you are not into anime, you will fortunately still have plenty of stuff to practice with.

Me too.


I really enjoy anime and manga, but that’s not the only reason I want to learn Japanese… it’s to be able to play video games… just kidding (well, not really but whatever)

My true goal is to be able to read classic Japanese novels in the original language rather than a somewhat awkward English translation and I would also like to be able to watch shows/movies without subtitles.

And there’s nothing wrong with not liking anime or manga, I mean, it’s such a small part of Japanese culture that it doesn’t really matter in the long run