Small Talk in Japanese

Lmao they always say: 今日はあついだね~ to you anyway hahaha


Lmao i feel you bruh, I often try to talk to my japanese co-workers but i can’t make full natural sentences when talking to native speakers… it’s like i get so nervous that I forget all the stuff I learned in the past haha

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Just a note, it’s ungrammatical to put だ after an い adjective, but yes they say あついね or あついですね a lot :slight_smile:


I still hear atsuidane anyway :slight_smile: (It’s a dialect in my area)


Ah, it sounded like you meant generally.

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Good to know, thank you :slight_smile:

I will internally combust if I have to start every convo with weather :upside_down_face:

Sometimes I can manage, but I make one mistake and I get increasingly flustered. It gets a lot better and I get less flustered once I know people better.

What part of 日本 are you in? :eyes: if you’re comfortable

the only correct respond to someone asking you how the weather is in the summer in Japan is とても暑いですね。


Tha land of nowhere, Ibaraki XD

えええ?Isn’t that a commuter prefecture for Tokyo??

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Yessss but there’s nothing to seeee here, just a few flowers here and there… falls, and that’s it. Once you’ve lived here and explored the famous places it gets boring easily

Ah, I see. What about finding the not so famous places? One of my favorite things to do in my area is find and visit the neighborhood cat hangout spots :joy_cat: Is there anywhere nearby you can enjoy your hobbies or interests?


The new seasonal Starbucks frappuccino flavor is always a good conversation starter.

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The nearest Starbucks is over an hour away. We don’t have any good boba tea places nearby either :sob:


I spent 3 years on an island a 2.5 hour ferry ride away from the nearest Starbucks. I feel your pain. Moving from that level of inaka to regular inaka, and then from there to suburban Kanagawa was like being in a whole different world.

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Oh that’s rough. How is suburban life treating you? How else does it compare to inaka life?

Suburban life is pretty good. I went from driving to work to commuting by train. In the inaka, my husband and I both needed cars. Here, it would honestly probably be better to have one car rather than two. I miss the rice fields and the mountains, but we have way better variety at the grocery store and a lot better shopping access in general. We also have way faster/cheaper access to Tokyo, but thanks to Corona we haven’t been able to take advantage of that yet.

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