Slow down if you need to!

This is what I told myself this morning, and this is what you should tell yourself if you feel like you’re going to burn out. I had 100+ lessons when I hit level 10 this week. This was overwhelming. At this point my life has gotten busier and my accuracy on reviews was going down, simply because there was too much to go through. It’s a simple reminder, but I told myself I wouldn’t add on more lessons until the next day’s queue wasn’t too much to handle. I went into WaniKani so that I could actually develop my kanji and vocab skills, and rushing it isn’t how that’s going to work out for me.

As an aside, I’m starting to figure out some things from context, which is something I’ve never thought I’d be able to do in Japanese, so that’s exciting.

As another aside, today I encountered a girl wearing a shirt that said 不死鳥. What the hell is a “not-dead-bird”? Turns out it’s a phoenix. :slight_smile:


Great reminder, thanks. I hate seeing 100+ lessons queued up but turtle-pace is best for me having a life.


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