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This is an informal book club. Read at your own pace and use the space here to ask questions, post reactions, and get hyped about reading this legendary manga!

Slam Dunk Tankobon edition Volume 12 covers Ch 99-107.
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Time for me to start reading the next volume, I’m so excited!! (Even though I had meant to start a month ago hahaa)
I’ll just continue to update this post with chapter thoughts as I read through them!

Chapter 99

To start off we have a fully shaded chapter!! I’m excited for this match! However I’m not quite sure what to expect. My guess is Shouhoku won’t win, but will give it their all and come very close. I would be very happy to be proven wrong though haha.
I also got a good laugh out of the reporter lady being built up and then

Now any time she says 要チェック I get a little giggle out of it haha

Looking forward to this match!

Chapter 100

I loved Sakuragi and Kiyota showing off even before the match haha! Sakuragi just aGGRESSIVELY doing body wrap drills at him hahaha
And then the parents- I mean captains, having to come and get their respective problem child :rofl:
I also liked the other coach asking Sakuragi when he started playing. I’m curious to see his thoughts throughout the match!!

Lets goooo

Chapter 101

The match begins!! Starting off full of energy! Nice play by Rukawa, and then Sakuragi surprising everyone again with amazing speed and a great move!

He’s fLYING!!
…and then travels haha, but he did great! And I love Akagi telling him nice cut, and then Sakuragi perking right back up, that was sweet :relieved:

Also this has nothing to do with the story but oOH look at this shoe drawing

I respect a good shoe drawing, I need to improve at that

Chapter 102

Man it just keeps going back and forth with no one scoring a point yet!! I feel like maybe this will be a long game haha
I love Kainan thinking Mitsui will do a three pointer, and then Miyagi’s 「あめーよ」 haHA OOOOOH that was so cool!
And despite being a good play, nOPE, still not a point. Back to Kainan

I can’t even be mad, that was a sick play

Chapter 103

A new interesting vocab appeared! I had never heard ペーパードライバー, meaning someone who has a license but has little to no actual experience. I love super specific words like that haha
It was fun to see the 要チェック siblings together a little bit!

I love this little moment of the ball getting thrown off the panel!!

And as we go back to the Shouhoku match, Akagi gets a great dunk in!!

Chapter 104

Ooh I love that chapter cover artwork

Haha poor 監督!!

Oooh, Sakuragi is getting noticed and marked by Maki
Hehehe, and I forgot Sakurago and Kiyota are both number ten, and both get scolding for talking in the middle of a gAME :rofl:

HAHAHA DID MAKI JUST SAY AKAGI LOOKS OLD?? It took me a while but I think that’s what he meant, that’s hilarious. And then Sakuragi looking at him and getting told 「見るな!」hahaha

I love how the ones on the benches make the good point that even though Sakuragi is brazen and starts a lot of fights sometimes haha, it means he’s also not intimidated while in matches, which will probably become a big strength :+1:

OOOOO LETS GOOOOOOOOOO, he got a point off of that too!! I like that Miyagi encouraged him to try it hehe, very cute

Chapter 105

In the first few panels where Miya got introduced I did NOT think he was a third year hahaha, sorry Miya-san!! I actually really like his character and this new twist thrown in. Kainan’s coach seems very aware and on top of it, and I’m very curious to see how Sakuragi will react and if he’ll be able to get over this hurdle!

Poor Sakuragi though, being exposed as a beginner :’) he’s doing his best
Though I also interestingly find myself somewhat rooting for Miya

Chapter 106

Wow, I’m surprised and impressed by Sakuragi just straightforward asking Akagi what he should do! If he keeps doing that I’m sure he’ll just keep improving!! And that was some awesome advice to work around Sakuragi not yet knowing that shoot

But then…


I hope this (and the upcoming free throw that miiight not go well haha) won’t throw Sakuragi completely off his game, he would have made that dunk!! がんばれ〜

Chapter 107

Ahh some great stuff in this chapter!!
Right away,

Ahhhh I figured that might happen, this poor boy haha

I also love Kogure’s line about Sakuragi 「いつの間にか桜木がうちのムードメーカーになっていたな」

Poor Sakuragi getting subbed out, even though it makes total sense :pensive: When he starts doing his usual shtick of yelling at the coach and playing with his chin haha, I love how it’s Mitsui that’s telling him to stop :rofl: That’s really cute, his character really keeps that admiration for Anzai先生!!

I also did really like the panel of Rukawa going out of his way to push Sakuragi aside hAHA

Time to move to a new thread! However this isn’t the end of my volume, so I’m looking forward to continuing! My reading for this volume so far is going decently fast! It’s probably a mixture of it being in the middle of a fast paced game, and that im really really enjoying it hehe