Skip level or cram to get there

That’s unfair. He was pointing you to the resource where you can find your answer, among many other.


5 months to get from zero to N3

I won’t say I don’t believe you, but that’s like… you’re in the 99th percentile. A super genius
I don’t know if WK, a program that takes about a year at max speed to complete (and that doesn’t cover grammar/listening) is actually what you need.

But been here for a while, I’ve met really smart people here and I know that WK does wonders in teaching you kanji, so i’d suggest you give it a shot, you’ll breeze through the first levels.

Maybe read this topic, 100% recommended.

I have to agree with Kumi-chan on this one, he was just a bit sarcastic but he was helping you. Your answer actually says more about you than about him


wow that’s awesome, i agree with @Ninkastmin I don’t think Wanikani is what you need unless you think it will help you remember kanji better

Learning all that in 5 months must be tough, I have to say I’m afraid what you learned will be easily forgotten at this rate

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I’m sorry I really took his answer the wrong way when I saw other people answering super nicely.

I should not have reacted that way.


Many folks starting out on WK are still beginners to Japanese (I know I was), though there are people who still use it after having learned a good amount of it like you. (And even someone who’s passed the N1 :wink: )

WK is great for reinforcing readings and meanings for any kanji you may be shaky on, along with providing accompanying vocab. So I think it would be beneficial to you, even with your current knowledge. There’s no level skipping, as others have said, but it sounds like you have a lot of free study time available and you’ll be able to fly through the kanji you do know pretty quickly. :slight_smile:


… Did several posts disappear from this thread?

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this thread should disappear -_-

Definetly cram! But when it’s too difficult just skip

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