Sing along, or also strummable, songs?

Or rearranged into musical scores / sheet music - so that can be played on piano? Fingerstyle on guitar would be nice too.

I have seen scores for ドラえもんのうた and SUKIYAKI, but not really anything else, or contemporary ones.

As for what I like right now.


Just search for any song + コード or コード譜, there seem to be lots of Japanese websites that have chords for many contemporary songs as well. For example

On this website, you can even listen to the YouTube video while the tabs scroll by: マリーゴールド (動画プラス) / あいみょん ギターコード/ウクレレコード/ピアノコード - U-フレット動画プラス

For sheet music, search for 楽譜.


Songsterr has a virtual sheet music that can be played in the browser, for example Shizukana Hibino Kaidan Wo Tab by Dragon Ash - Kb. - Electric Grand Piano | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

… Do you perchance mean 上を向いて歩こう?

That was released in the west under the name “Sukiyaki” for roughly the same reason that the first Harry Potter book was released with the title “… and the Sorceror’s Stone” in the US, but we don’t have to keep playing along. (I rather like the column written in Newsweek at the time that it’d be like releasing Moon River in Japan under the name Beef Stew.)

As for the topic at hand, I quite like Ichigo’s Sheet Music for anime songs.


Thanks, and I like the song and lyrics, too. Also, thanks for the keywords.


I remember that website from ages ago too. Thanks.

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It appears to need to be both familiar with the tune, and strumming is not too hard (or I can adapt the chords). In some cases, I can guess the notes, so piano or picking

There are only two songs I can play right now. The first one is in my profile (for ages), the second one is secret base~君がくれたもの~ (from a lv 60 post).

Amazing that the song reach number 1 on the charts without anyone being able to understand the lyrics. Its sad and haunting nature transcends language, I guess.

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I only know the sadness after knowing the lyrics.

I have known the tune for much longer, but the tune tells nothing about lyrics, or Japanese nature. (Deceivingly fun.)

Wikipedia has a list of eight songs that hit number one on the charts despite not being in English. “Sukiyaki” is the second. (And, right underneath, a list of twenty-five songs that hit number one with no lyrics at all.)

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