Should I pick up where I left off or reset in some way?

4 year hiatus, I’m back now but idk whether I should continue or do some sort of soft reset.


My usual best advice is to try doing some reviews first to see how much you know, reseting a level or two if you don’t remember much, then trying that process again until you get to a level that feels right.

If you’ve been away for 4 years and haven’t been studying Japanese in the meantime, it’s possible you’ve forgotten quite a bit. If that’s the case, don’t get discouraged as you’ll soon find yourself remembering things quickly and concepts will “stick” easier than they did the first go around. Trust me, I’ve been there!


I took a college course this past fall semester I wanna use wani kani as supplementary material for studying.

But gotcha I’ll start doing that, what should I do for the burned radicals / kanji I have


Try the Burned Item quiz to see how many you remember!

You can resurrect any that you don’t remember directly from the item page.

If you reset a level, any burned items beyond your new level will automatically be reset.