Should I just stick with Wanikani?

Hey guys, quick question.

I for some reason bought the Fluent Forever 650 word list and tried to do the method of just using pictures while trying to learn this Japanese vocab. Well, it basically turned out to me adding 5 cards a day and not getting a single one correct every single day so my review list keeps growing and growing.

Then I realized… do I even need this? Shouldn’t wanikani be enough? I could instead just up my lessons from 5 to 10 a day to make up for it. Problem is, wanikani isn’t ordered in my used words (at least, I don’t think it is).

What I’m trying to ask is, should I continue with this 650 word list or just up my wanikani?

I don’t know how that method works, but I found it much easier to learn vocabulary from kanji. The readings are just way too similar, but with kanji it makes more sense. Like 花火, 花見 very easy to figure out with kanji but just mindless learning by heart without :slight_smile:


Depends what you mean by enough. But in any case, the answer is no, Wanikani is not enough to study Japanese, not even vocab. I don’t know Fluent Forever, but IKnow is a nice place to learn common vocab.

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Personally, if you aren’t doing all of your reviews the day you get them, I think you should put aside other kanji/vocab learning resources. WaniKani’s designed so that the kanji you learn stacks on itself, so it’s going to be more constructive to up your current load than attempt to add another system. Sure, WaniKani’s vocabulary list isn’t going to let you read anything you want, and, at certain levels, isn’t a bundle of 100% everyday words, but it will get your a stronger foundation to allow you to more successfully branch out later.

If you don’t want to up your lesson count, I’d also highly success a third alternative (if you arent’t already): grammar, grammar, grammar.

You should stick with WK, but take into consideration that’s for Kanji.
So while there’s vocab that you’ll learn in WK, it’s by far not enough, not even the most common vocab, or presented in an orderly fashion.

Because after all vocab here it’s designed to reinforce Kanji learning :sweat_smile:

I would suggest you to try putting some context to whatever vocab you are learning at least right after you cover the most basic of grammar.

This could mean grabbing your first graded reader or do something wacky as this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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