Should I enroll to Nihongo Class?

こんにちは、Cans101さん!If you’re looking for a place you can learn Japanese from a native speaker without burning a hole in your pocket, you can try coming by to a free online weekly class that I’ve been attending in Second Life. Every Saturday at 9 PM Singapore time (it will go back to 10 PM after Daylight Saving Time changes again for other countries), we are learning Japanese via Genki 1 Second Edition textbook that’s available from Internet Archive.

There are more details in the link above on how to get to the online class. Unfortunately, as I have stated in the thread, the learning curve of using the Second Life viewer is not too user-friendly when compared to VR Chat, in my opinion. And most of us are already in Chapter 10 at the moment, however, we do have a new classmate who is catching up starting from reading Hiragana and Japanese greetings. The volunteer teacher was happy to drill the rest of the class with the basics again as we’re still clunky with our Japanese conversational skills.

Since you have been learning Japanese for more than half a year, I think you’ll do so much better than our new classmate and probably could catch up with the rest of us Beginners because Genki 1 Chapter 10 is still about halfway or less than halfway through the N5 Grammar, if I’m not mistaken.

Other than that, I think other people’s suggestion above about taking other lessons for a similar or cheaper price is definitely a better option than the original course offered to you. @d-hermit’s suggestions above are very helpful too for having conversations in Japanese, if the social aspect is what you are looking for as well. Good luck in your search! :smiley:

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