Short Grammar Questions (Part 1)

I also thought it looks a bit unusual, so I checked and found this article:

It says

However, a useful grammar that works in general for stems of all verbs is using the stem as a target with a motion verb (almost always 「行く」 and 「来る」 in this case). This grammar means, “to go or to come to do [some verb]”.

So it seems to be okay to use it with 帰る as well.

@mariodesu Just make sure you understand that it does not only convert the verb into a noun; the に adds the notion of “in order to”.

On an unrelated note, you should really consider starting to read stuff as soon as possible as it will help you get a better grip on lots of the stuff that you are wondering about right now. E.g. the Absolute Beginners book club will start their pick next week; I think you would have a blast with that one! See here: Stories of the Japanese Prefectures (Absolute Beginner Book Club)