Shame. Shame

The last time I had a really hard time remembering the reading of a vocabulary word, I made a thread asking for more mnemonics and they were very helpful… while at the same time ended up being unnecessary because the mere act of spending a little extra time thinking about the word in a different way helped me remember it. I’m hoping that it’ll work again this time around because I’ve seen this kanji like, 20 times already and it’s still not coming to me.



I thought of this scene and the 女王 before even opening the thread, haha.

Also, こんにちは fellow 猫 usericon.

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You have sinned and you feel great shame. You must atone for your sins by making a hajj(はじ).

(Sorry if that’s too similar to the WK one.)

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Haha, I was thinking the same, so I was like, hey, might as well give it that title.

Making this post has helped me formulate better imagery, where the peasants are laughing at the queen’s shame “HA HA HA HA HA”, although I don’t know how to incorporate the はじ reading.

I know I’m yet to unlock this kanji, but I did just unlock the kanji for leaf 葉 which shares one of the same readings は. I found that super easy to remember, because of the laughing mnemonic. Maybe apply the same?

As you watch Cersei on her walk of shame, you can’t help but snigger a little. This soon turns into a roar of laughter you can’t contain. “Hahahaha ha ha…”

As you are walking through the castle streets, listening to the bustling crowd, an earless peasant runs up and stabs you directly in the heart with a hatch (はじ。) A worthless peasant stabs YOU, the Queen! Feel the shame that this brings you.

That seems like too much to remember. Hope it helps.


Haji haji haji…”

Haha, of course, just repeating it over and over and over again will help eventually.

I don’t know why, but seeing this thread tipped me over the edge, into paying for a yearly subscription. Level 四 here I come. こういち should thank you.

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Welcome to the turtle club.



Except now I know a vocab word from level 30+. I’m in the wrong timeline, Doc!

Other than Koichi’s silly humour and his ability to actually put together really interesting theories about learning ideas, the community was also one of the things that drew me into his products. Maybe that’s just a product of Koichi’s charm though!

Something’s gotta be done about my 子供!

Thread derail complete.

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I think the purpose has been served, anyway.

Make it so they’re laughing at Jesus. HA HA HA JI… Maybe Jesus got his robes stuck in a door and felt shame or something.


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I thought of that one. By I’ve got a better one.
What if someone were greeting you and you slapped them in the ear and they had a heart attack ? “はじ” [whack]. Shameful.

Totally not there yet, but the first thought that came to my mind was:

It’s such a shame that Amelia Earhart was never found.


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My bad. I didn’t come up with the mnemonic for the reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine MRAs laughing HAHAHA when they heard Earhart went missing :cry: