Shake Animation and Messages for More Scenarios

I would urge you to consider allowing the full range of meanings for radicals that are introduced after the (identical) kanji. Because it seems that you usually pick a single meaning for radicals, and then it feels like you are being punished for having correctly associated other meanings with those kanji.

For example, the radical for night (夜) is introduced at level 32, and only lists “night” as an acceptable meaning. But we learned that the kanji meant “night” or “evening” all the way back at level 6. So it feels strictly counter-productive to have to unlearn that. Especially since a lot of these “radicals” seemingly aren’t used outside of WaniKani.

It is even even worse when radicals have meanings that are not valid for the kanji, which IMO should never be allowed to happen.

It’s also annoying to have to keep the distinction in mind when it’s the other way around (single meaning “radical” first, then kanji with multiple meanings), but in that case you’ve at least gotten used to a correct meaning and can build on top of that.