Share weird/ridiculous mnemonics

And, I can’t help but add something that may actually help somebody out there, unlike my previous post.

Forgive me if this seems extremely obvious to everyone, but I also have a mnemonic for the concept of rendaku. That is, when a reading of a word uses rendaku, I include the concept of “handmade” in my mnemonic for that word. For example, for the word 青葉 - aoba - fresh leaves/greenery, I imagine a guy making some tiny greenish-blueish leaves by hand. I use the word “handmade” because this word itself uses rendaku, but also because it is pretty easy to take this mnemonic and just apply it to any word (probably harder to apply it with abstract concepts but for now I haven’t had a problem.)

And, when the word does not use rendaku, i simply don’t use this mnemonic and so I can assume the word is without rendaku if my brain does not conjure up an image of somebody making something by hand.