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So, I’ve been seeing comments from a lot of people praising the Self-study quiz. At times, these comments are outside the context of reviewing items that have already been Burned.
My question is: does this “mess with the SRS”? I would assume it does, and I remember discussions about this a couple years ago about this. Where do people stand now on this?

The general consensus I see is that it’s fine as long as it’s not right before your actual review.

Personally, I have self-study set up for new items, recently missed items, and leeches. I do the new items right after the lessons, and try to hit up the other two at the end of the night, if I feel like it.


This question has been asked many a time and you’ll find answers in other threads about self-studying, whether it’s with this script or on your own. But basically, no it’s not a problem. Just don’t review yourself before items are up for review. But, I only really care about that for Guru 2 and above items. That’s when you wanna get that long interval of waiting to see your long term retention tested. For everything else, I don’t particularly care. I use the script for leech training after all and those need extra effort to stick.

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@MegaZeroX has researched the scientific literature on this topic. The outcome is that seeing items more often improves retention therefore extra studying doesn’t damage SRS. This trick is not to do it just before a review.


So, what is the point of the SRS intervals really? If you do a review half way between levels, it’s kind of like adding another level in.

It optimizes the number of times you see the reviews to the lowest amount that works. Then you can study more items within the time you can afford studying. But if you can afford more time studying it improves retention to see the items more frequently, especially if you focus on those that cause you problems.


Helpful to think of it as a minimum. Thanks


Really, any outside exposure cheats the purity of the SRS cycle. So if you are in Japan doing WK, this is potentially very problematic. I suggest wearing one of these at all times, the yuzu and lavender are really nice and feels great too.


Seriously, I wish I used it more here. But I now use the quick study leech trainer in Kitsun often (usually after a review on a select interval and has helped address problem areas far more efficiently and really only takes a few extra minutes)


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