Second chance when entering the wrong reading?

It seems like sometimes I get a second chance when entering the wrong reading (onyomi or kunyomi). But not always. Is there a method to this?

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Only for kanji items you’ll get a second chance if you enter for example the kunyomi, but the onyomi is actually wanted for the item.
If you have a vocabulary item, you won’t get that chance, because the item is an actual word and if you enter the wrong reading, you might be entering an entirely different word.


It sure seems like it doesn’t allow me to do it for the Kanji. Maybe I am just getting the alternate reading wrong

Well, you have to differentiate between a kanji item and a single kanji vocab item. For the later, you obviously won’t get a second chance.

If you give an example it would be easy to discuss it.

For 月, if the background is pink, then it’s a review for the kanji, and it wants the onyomi that it taught you, either げつ or がつ. If you answer with つき then it’ll shake and give you another chance, because つき is a valid reading, but it only accepts what you learned in the lesson.

If the background is purple, then it’s a review for the vocab word つき. Other readings are not accepted.

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There is also this great example from rfindley which is always quoted when this topic comes up:


That explains it, I was entering onyomi for single Kanji in vocabulary. Thanks!

One thing that annoys is that WaniKani isn’t consistent in its teaching. Sometimes it will give Kun for Kanji. I know that usually it’s On, but having mix and match readings takes away the benefit of knowing which reading we’re actually learning, instead we’re now simply learning a reading.

I know that it’s relatively easy to tell On from Kun, and also that WK specifies what the reading is between paranthesis, but who’s going to memorise that? :thinking:

If it helps you can install the katakana madness script:

That way you instantly know if a reading is on or kun. Keep in mind that it only changes to katakana for kanji items.

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I do have it, but sadly I do 94.5% of my reviews on my phone. Although when I do use my PC, I do it mainly to reinforce my katakana knowledge and not for On, Kun. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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