Script Request: Tracker for All Reviews Completed

I think it would be interesting to know how many reviews were completed during someone’s entire WaniKani career. Assuming the average term shows up in a review a total of 15 times, multiplying that by the total number of terms across all 60 levels gives you an estimated total review count that is in the hundreds of thousands. Not only do I find this to be mind boggling, I think that knowing just many reviews have been completed altogether puts into perspective how far you have come and how much further you still have to go. That said, the question stands: Is anyone out there capable of willing of creating such a tracking script? 

I’ve never really looked into the API, but i doubt you could request your past total review count.
So if you’d want to track this, it would only track it for your current and future levels, which in turn is not really what you want, is it?

So yea, tracking could be possible with cookies or something similar, but no, i don’t think what YOU want is feasible. At least not because you’re already level 29. And sorry, i can’t even do that simplified tracking (don’t know a lot about web programming), just giving my thoughts on the matter.

The API provides information about number of available reviews (/study-queue), if you checks that periodically (with a well chosen interval), you can calculate the number of completed reviews. You could even do it with google docs for example.
Just an idea though :slight_smile:

Each item gives you number of times it was entered correctly out of how many times it was reviewed, Just add all the number of times each item
was reviewed and you could do this. 

You could also shortcut the amount of processing by just calculating the burned items once,  and only look at a sample of items and you could 
get an approximate if you multiply the samples total review count by number of items / sample size.

Here’s a quick and messy javascript prototype I put together:,js,output

This works using the method rade mentioned.

Edit: made the radicals, kanji, and vocab not global scope.  That was leftovers from debugging =]

AdituV said... Here's a quick and messy javascript prototype I put together:,js,output

This works using the method rade mentioned.
I made a small modification:,js,output
maybe it matters to some, idk

but thumsup for @rade134 & @AdituV


I just posted a userscript that will put a table of review analysis on your dashboard.


I also posted another method to do this on hoovards post