Satori reader before grammar lessons?

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I really want to start hitting native content other than example sentences. I thought Satori reader would be a good start. However, My grammar is barely intermediate. Is it a good idea to use Satori before learning more advanced grammar?

Also, is it still possible to adjust the difficulty of Satori to my WK level? It’s not mentioned on their home page.

Is there another platform that’s better for progressive reading?

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Define “barely intermediate”. You can definitely start reading with N3 grammar, and it’s possible to start reading with “only” N4 grammar as well, as long as you’re prepared to cross-reference things a bit more.


Satori reader grammar is often quite simple, with explanatory notes for the harder stuff. Try it out and see for yourself how you feel.

You can link your WK in the settings and it will hide furigana at your level or below.


Hmm, it’s hard to define… For example, when I look at how Bunpro categorizes grammar lessons, and as far as reading comprehension goes, I’d say I’m confortable with most of the N5 block, and that the N4 block has a lot of stuff I don’t know about. I also know a few lessons from N3/N2. I don’t feel like a beginner at all but I’m not confident enough to say I’m intermediate.

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Why don’t you just try to read a few stories and see how it goes?
It is hard for completely stagers to assess your level and your willingness to struggle through a bit harder sentence. Plus Satori has stories with different levels.


I started reading native material at about your grammar level. It’s far from easy, but it can be done.

I’d recommend joining book clubs rather than (or in addition to) Satori Reader though. Reading with a group is more fun. :slight_smile:


Let’s say the example sentence on their advertising homepage is easy for me to understand :

But they also write “We start by writing interesting articles at a friendly difficulty level suited to an intermediate student.” and grammar wise I’m having a hard time to determine if I’m an intermediate student…

I tried a bookclub but I found it hard to stay on track, not sure why. I think I got bored fast of reading the same book, which was targeted at children in addition. I thought I might be more interested int he “articles” pace of Satori

You copied and pasted the furigana too :joy:
Satori is a very good site, in my opinion, and I think that I’m about your level. It doesn’t really matter if you think you’re “intermediate” or not, you can just make a free account and check out the articles for yourself to see whether they’re too hard. They also explain the more complicated grammar points.
Another reader option is, but it’s mostly just parses text; it doesn’t have the notes aimed at learners that Satori does.


I only have N5 (and a bit N4 and N3) knowledge and I can read easier stories. But I only have a free account and I do not read that much there so my knowledge about the articles is very limited. You can always klick on a word or phrase and they will explain it if you don’t understand it. You can even add spaces after words and particles to make it easier for you to understand where word begin and end if you struggle with that. I am not sure what you expect to be honest.


Woops! Yep, made no sense. Removed the whole thing :smiley: I think I’ll give it a try

Well that sounds good enough for me, I think I’ll try it. Thanks for pitching in :slight_smile:


Wondering if you actually signed up for Satori Reader? If so, how are you liking it? I signed up in December and am enjoying it.

Turns out I really can’t bring my brain to stay interested in made-for-learners content and just decided to start a full japanese final fantasy marathon instead. That caught my attention much more :smiley:
I still read todai news sometimes.

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