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Hey, Y’all!

I know I start a lot of things and never finish them… but… I just joined a new Sailor Moon Group on facebook and it’s got me re-excited by this series. I didn’t see any posts about Sailor Moon since 2018, so I figured I start a new discussion.

I made a memrise course for all the vocabulary that I’m learning as I watch Sailor Moon Eternal on netflix. I’m watching with Japanese Audio, and Japanese CC, so I’m really forcing myself to learn without any english help. The memrise is a very subjective collection of things I don’t know so it not exhaustive. For example, in the first 3 minutes I captured 20 words. The next 3 minutes only 1.

If you want to watch along with me feel free to use the memrise if it helps. I’m watching it slowly and rewatching to solidify the things I have learned. I hope to be able to follow it with out subtitles by the end of this, because listening in my WORST skill.

If you want to join me then YAY, but if you don’t, then this will just turn into a diary thread.

Completion Stats:
Part 1: 9:00/81:00 24.7%
Part 2: 0:00/80:00 0.0%


Watch Log:

Watched 5 minutes.
Part 1: 5:00/81:00 6.2%
21 new words

Watched 5 minutes.
Part 1: 9:00/81:00 11.1%
19 new words
Total vocabulary: 40
Notes: Some conversations I follow easily, some are new word after new word. Chibiusa is the hardest to understand because she often talks in her head and uses the most shortened/slang words.


Watch Log:

Watch 11 minutes.
Part 1: 20:00/81:00 24.7%
20 new words
Total vocabulary: 60
Notes: Today went really well. There were some conversations that I could actually follow. I will next need to trying following it with out the subtitle help though…


I would say I’d join, but I haven’t even gotten around to watching Sailor Moon Crystal yet.

I should probably use this as a reminder to do so.

I’ve watched Crystal in English. After I finish Eternal I was going to go back and watch through it all in Japanese and do the same thing. I would really love to have access to Stars.

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