Rules of Various Kanji Pronunciation

Hi! I was wondering if the rules of which pronunciation to use for each Kanji and context get simpler, or easier. I was wondering if later on it becomes more consistent, or if their are easier tips and tricks to remember which to use.

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Do you know the difference between on’yomi and kun’yomi yet?

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Kind of, but I don’t understand when to use either. Also, there are various on’yomi and kun’yomi readings too

The general rule is that on’yomi is for compound words


and kun’yomi is for stand-alone kanji words



and words with okurigana

to live

to be born

but there are many exceptions. You can definitely start to guess the readings of words with a good accuracy once you know the most common on’yomi and kun’yomi readings for a kanji, but really you need to learn the words to be sure. Because of that, it’s not really worth it to try and learn all the readings of a kanji before learning the vocab, so WK only asks you to remember one or two of the most common readings when you learn the kanji. If you have trouble with specific kanji such as 人 (じん vs にん) there are threads on here where people have attempted to find patterns.

Rendaku is also a thing which takes some getting used to.


don’t bother with rules. do wk normally, learn the vocab properly and things will fall in place.

it won’t get easier, but the whole thing will feel less chaotic and make more sense.


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