Rice and Ice

Hey Crabigator! I noticed that Rice is an acceptable answer for the kanji meaning of Ice. This kind messed me up for bit as I kept thinking Im getting my answer for meaning right but I kept writing the sound wrong.

Maybe something to look at.

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For future, rather than making a new thread, if you post in the typos thread here on the forums, it’ll generally get taken care of! It’s pretty closely watched by the mods. :grin:

But anyhow, @Mods, if you want to take a look at this when you have a moment, please! :grin:


Hey there lucasarbor! I double checked both the kanji and vocabulary entry for 氷 and I did indeed get ‘rice’ as a correct answer for both items. I think ‘rice’ is a good candidate for the block list so I went ahead and did just that! :sunglasses:

@MrGeneric Thanks for bringing that up! We do keep an eye on the typos thread, especially when we get a mod tag, :eyes:

-Nick at WK


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