Review Issue: Can't see item detail or move on when wrong answer is entered

Very new here!

So when learning the radicals, upon entering an incorrect answer, I was shown the item details so I could learn the correct answer and then progressed to the next radical card.

However now that i’m learning kanji, whenever I enter a wrong answer, I don’t progress to the next kanji, the item details don’t show, and instead the card just does a UI ‘shake’ to signify the answer is wrong.

This is quite annoying because if I really can’t remember the answer the only way to move past this kanji in the review is to look up to the answer and enter the correct one. Then all my reviews end being graded a 100%, which isn’t always accurate to my actual memory level.

So whats going on? Is it supposed to work this way? Is it some setting i need to change? I’d really like to get the program to revert back to just moving to the next kanji when I put in the wrong answer and be graded accordingly rather than forcing me to look up the correct one to progress

The shake is saying you didn’t enter an incorrect answer but it’s not the reading you learned and what you are being asked to provide.


Oh really? But at one point i got irritated and started entering random characters in an attempt to move on and still had this issue. So I think it’s unlikely those random characters happened to be a correct reading :confused:

But thanks anyways, ill keep this in mind my next review and see if thats indeed related to whats going on.

Well yes. If the IME can’t convert what you typed to kana it does not accept answers that would contain spaces or English alphanumeric characters when asked to provide a reading.

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Apart from romaji being in the answer box, is it possible you had more than one lesson or review instance open? Getting only a shaky box when by all rights it should be a fully right or fully wrong answer can mean that you may have lessons or reviews open somewhere. Be it PC, phone or tablet of some kind. Spread over all devices, there can only be one window of lessons or reviews. Also something to potentially keep an eye on. ^^


When I really can’t remember the answer they want, I just type ん – I think there’s very little chance that would be the reading for a kanji, and short of an “I have no idea!” button, it does the job! My answer gets marked as false and I can look at the information then move on to the next one.


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