Returning after several months, how to restart?

Any suggestions on the best way to restart learning after an extended absence?

I started reviewing my current list, but am getting most items wrong. What is the recommended way to review and get back up to speed?


Just grind away at your reviews until you stop getting them wrong.

Since you’re only at level 5 you could also reset if you’re worried about having forgotten all of it. But I’d try to just stick with reviews for now. Don’t do new lessons until you’re consistently at 80% accuracy.


Thanks, was just the initial hump of getting them all wrong (incidentally, adding a “no clue” button would be nice instead of forcing people to write something random into the answer) so just wondering if there was a better way to restart.

Some people recommend installing a review reorder script and doing the reviews from lowest/oldest level to highest/most recent.

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I would recommend that totally. If you get items in your review wrong, and they’re on short intervals (like apprentice or guru), reordering makes certain you see them again soon, instead of reviewing random items from months ago first. It will help boost your accuracy.

Chapter 11 of my Guide for Wanikani talks about this :slight_smile:


Reorder script? How do you do that? (Sorry, is that like a plugin for Wanikani or something?)

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I’m gonna link my own recent post here…

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Sort of, yeah. It’s called a userscript. The entire WaniKani experience is customizable. The API And Third-Party Apps section of the forums is dedicated just for this.

This is the latest reorder script: [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

The first post contains all the information needed to install it.


I completely agree with the reorder script. I just came back after months away, and it saved me big time. I just did little chunks in the order I had learned them the first time. I had over 500 reviews, but just simulating the experience I had the first time at a faster pace cleared them up in no time.

(I have been consistently doing Japanese stuff since I left, though, so I ended up burning most of them, which might put you in a different position).

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Actually - I have a question. If I get into this situation and decide to reset back one level, do all of my pending reviews also return to that point in time or does it only remove the current level’s items and lessons from the queue?

Thanks, I did have a look but decided not to bother for now. Will keep it in mind though if I get stuck.

If you reset to Level 7, you will be starting at the beginning of Level 7. All pending reviews for Level 6 and earlier will remain untouched.

If you want to start at the beginning of Level 8, reset to Level 8.

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