[Request] Wanikani to Kanjidamage

I’m having trouble using the WK mnemonics and memory tricks to memorize new kanji. I like everything about WK except for this one little detail. Would there be any way to change the mnemonics so that they’re gotten from the Kanjidamage website instead? Or maybe a tool that would use the API key and create a Kanjidamage anki deck with WK progress? Thanks for listening, I hope somebody else would use this.

This /t/WaniKani-to-Anki-Exporter-httpwanikanitoankicom/5055/1

will create an Anki deck of all your learned WK items.

As far as using kanjidamage mnemonics, there is probably no easy way to bring them into WK.  You CAN add your own notes to any item in WK tho, so you could always do it manually.

There is also this /t/Userscript-Community-Mnemonics-v0978/7367/1

that adds community mnemonics to WK items, those might help you.