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how do yall use wanikani? do you use the mnemonics provided? personally, i think the mnemonics are very helpful. some people remember by just looking at the kanji, but my memory isn’t as good :sob:


I definitely use the mnemonics! They’re very helpful when in the Apprentice stage of learning the kanji. I use the mnemonics, then right after I learn a new batch of kanji, I use the Self-Study Quiz script to get them burned into my brain (as @jprspereira recommended in his guide).
Then I usually forget the mnemonic after that because it’s just automatic. But I do rely on the mnemonics when I’m first learning a new kanji. And sometimes I make my own mnemonic if the one WK provided doesn’t work for me. :slight_smile:


I use WK by logging in at least 3 times a day, every day. Morning, Noon, Night. Most days I actually loged in 5-6 times. I work to ensure I have 100 or less Apprentice items, though I admit to sometimes going up to 150 Apprentice items when I hate myself.

I generally use the mnemonics provided. My imagination died off before I graduated high school for anything other than coming up with long strings of expletives and questionably offensive English sentences. True story.

In all instances of WK, I will read the entire mnemonic. Sometimes I take what I have read to heart. Sometimes I take what is there and boil it down to a single phrase I will remember. Other times, I read the mnemonic, realize it’s like 500 words (kidding, but there are some lengthy ones) and will come up with something completely on my own, which always surprises me given my imagination is atrophied.

I tried doing kanji by just looking at them. It worked for about 100. Then after no longer looking at them after 60 days of daily study, I forgot all but some of the most basic. My 100 dropped to 50 and of those 50, probably 25 I would have been lucky to be able to read. With WK I am up to knowng 650 kanji and being able to remember and read a large portion of those.

WK works and got me learning after 20 years of pretending to learn.


I never use the mnemonics. They just don’t fit my learning style. I dislike that you need different mnemonic for the meaning and reading and some mnemonics tend to be rather long. When I can’t remember a kanji I usually learn it by writing a few sentence with the new Vocabulary. Sometimes I make up my own or search for mnemonics somewhere else like Kanji damage.

thank you so much for sharing :raised_hands:t5:

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